Upcoming Workshops

Hey friends!
I've scheduled a bunch of workshops in Memph and Huntsville through the end of the semester, and I wanted to have a better, centralized location for all of that info!
I created a workshop page so y'all can stay updated on where I'll be teaching over the next few months. I'm hoping to add one or two Memphis classes in May before I move and maybe a few in Nash after that!
Hosting these workshops has been a lot of fun for me over the past year. I've learned SO much about presentation, styling, learning styles, public speaking, and how to keep grown women focused even when they're drinking wine. None of this would have happened without all of you crazy people supporting me. Thank you for all of the likes, comments, kind words, sign ups, and questions along the way - here's to many more years of learning and growing with each other!
P.S. I chopped off my hair, so no more Medusa locks :)